infinite water

Water Treatment For Printing & Packaging

Our systems are modular and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements across a range of sectors. Alternatively, customers can choose from a range of packaged plants of fixed capacities to treat and decontaminate water for consumption, re-use or safe discharge.

Industries we service:

The wastewater resulting from printing and packaging processes are highly variable and challenging to treat.

Effective treatment of wastewater will help organisations:

  • Reliably meet environmental discharge regulations
  • Improve their sustainability footprint by re-cycling water for use on site
  • Avoid health and safely hazards
  • Achieve a quick ROI through reduced operational costs

Infinite Water's treatment solutions provide the following advantages over conventional methods of treatment:

  • REDUCES operating costs by at least 50%
  • REDUCES chemical consumption by at least 60%
  • REDUCES transport and storage of hazardous chemicals on site
  • IMPROVES reliability and eliminates the need for continuous operator intervention
  • PROVIDES greater resilience to fluctuations in feed water quality


Infinite Water’s systems are modular and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements.  

The systems can be skid mounted or containerised.

The modular systems are can also be integrated with conventional water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis to significantly improve efficiency, reliability and reduce costs.