infinite water

Mining Process Water & Wastewater Treatment

Our systems are modular and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements across a range of sectors. Alternatively, customers can choose from a range of packaged plants of fixed capacities to treat and decontaminate water for consumption, re-use or safe discharge.

Industries we service:

Our technology and solutions offer:

  • Potable/drinking water plants for permanent or temporary campsites
  • Sewage treatment plants for permanent or temporary camp sites
  • Recycling systems for vehicle wash bays
  • Process water treatment
  • Mine site remediation - treating contaminated groundwater and surface water
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater

The treatment of process water and wastewater in the mining industry presents multiple challenges and hurdles. Infinite Water’s proprietary technology can be used independently or in conjunction with conventional technologies to remove pollutants and contaminants for re-purposing, re-use or safe discharge.

The systems provide new and improved solutions for:

  • Water filtration-clarification
  • Reduction of water hardness
  • Disinfection
  • Acid mine drainage treatment
  • Reduction of oxygen demand (BOD and COD)
  • Treatment of sludge for safe disposal
  • Removal of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Removal of heavy metals and metalloids