infinite water

Sewage Treatment & Recycling

One solution for many types of water.

In the past, different types of water required different technologies for effective treatment. Our HYDROXON™ Technology provides one core technology that can treat:

Infinite Water offers full turnkey solutions for the treatment of municipal wastewater to meet the various internal and regulatory discharge requirements of our clients. Whether discharging to ocean/local surface water bodies, or for various reuse applications, we can deliver the final effluent quality our customers require.

 We can deliver first-class conventional wastewater treatment technologies and, if required, have the capability to customise and optimise these systems to provide further benefits to our customers. Where advanced treatment of secondary effluent is required, our patented technology can produce the highest quality treated effluent that will meet the most stringent compliance criteria.  

 Depending on the quality of product water and application of re-use, Infinite Water offers multi-barrier solutions by combining proprietary and conventional technology.

Hydroxon™ Advanced treatment

Advanced Wastewater treatment refers to further processing of treated wastewater from a sewage treatment process incorporating biological treatment.

Infinite Water offers complete integrated solutions for recycling sewage up to potable quality water using our proprietary technology.

The treatment efficiency paired with low energy consumption and high process recovery makes it an ideal solution for water recycling.

Benefits of Infinite Water Advanced treatment:

  • Validated disinfection performance to Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (AGWR)
  • High removal efficiency of recalcitrant unbiodegradable organic matter
  • High removal efficiency of unbiodegradable organic nitrogen
  • High removal of total phosphorous
  • High removal of turbidity
  • High removal of heavy metals & metalloids
  • Improvement in overall physical attributes (odour & colour removal)
  • Small treatment train compared to conventional solutions
  • Up to 98% of total incoming flow is recycled (small waste stream)
  • Significantly lower energy consumption compared to membrane or UV-AOP based solutions
  • Integrates well with conventional processes

Industries we service:

  • Urban water utilities
  • Regional councils and remote communities
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Mining and temporary campsites
  • Golf courses and areas requiring irrigation


Infinite Water’s systems are modular and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements.  Infinite Water’s proprietary technology can also be integrated with conventional water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis to significantly improve efficiency, reliability and reduce costs.


The capacities of the systems range between 5 KLD to 200 MLD.



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