infinite water

Industrial Water Treatment Services

One solution for many types of water.

In the past, different types of water required different technologies for effective treatment. Our HYDROXON™ process provides one core technology that can treat:

Infinite Water offers solutions for the treatment of groundwater, surface water, and seawater to produce high quality or ultra-pure water for industrial processes.  Water quality requirements are determined by the specific industry standards and regulations. Our aim is to provide our customers and partners with the best possible ROI  whilst reducing their total cost of operation.

We can design solutions to re-purpose or re-use wastewater streams as feed for manufacturing, utilities or for general cleaning. Alternatively, the HYDROXON™ process can be used in conjunction with other technologies to provide pure or ultra-pure water for critical processes.


  • Mining – boilers and cooling towers to prevent corrosion and deposition, mineral processing
  • Manufacturing – general wash-down, production water, cooling towers and boilers
  • Food & Beverage – production water, wash-down and general use, cooling towers
  • Infrastructure – construction water, boilers and cooling towers, wash down and general use


Infinite Water’s systems are modular and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements.  The modular systems can also be integrated with conventional water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis to significantly improve efficiency, reliability and reduce costs.


The capacities of the systems range between 5 KLD to 200 MLD.