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World Water Day - Water can help fight climate change

20th March 2020

World Water Day is this Sunday 22nd March. There are still 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. Infinite Water joins the UN to celebrate water and raises awareness – it is imperative we maintain momentum and take actions to tackle the global water crisis. A core focus of World Water Day is to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.

World Water Day is a timely reminder of the impact of climate change on our environment and on our water. There is strong evidence, as demonstrated by global weather trend evidence, of significant rises in temperature, frequency of major weather events, changes in rainfall patterns, and increasing drought and flooding. These changes are significantly impacting water scarcity, placing severe stress on existing water supplies, reducing ease of access to clean water and in some cases water quality.

The impact of climate change is even more acutely seen in developing countries and regional and remote parts of the world.

UN Water is leading the charge to highlight how water can help fight climate change, noting that:

💧 Wetlands soak up carbon dioxide from the air.

💧 Vegetation protects against flooding and erosion.

💧 Rainwater can be stored for dry periods.

💧 Wastewater can be reused.

💧 Climate-smart agriculture.

One of the UN World Water Day themes is “Everyone has a role to play”. As a passionate participant in the water sector, Infinite Water continues to focus on developing sustainable, affordable and scalable water solutions as a pre-emptive way off enabling improved access to water. This is particularly relevant for regional and remote areas - look no further than drought in Australia, hurricanes in the Pacific Islands, arsenic in bore hole and river water in Bangladesh and Vietnam, declining water tables in New Zealand.

The water industry continues to explore alternative sources of water such as desalination, building new dams and improving the use of storm water. We at Infinite Water support the growing camp of water professionals and consumer groups that promote re-cycling water for both restricted as well as unrestricted use. Making use of this alternative supply will increase our drought resilience and help conserve this valuable resource.

Utilities globally are dealing with complex and changing conditions, ranging from increases in organics in the water (especially after floods), changing compliance to deal with emerging and unregulated contaminants, or managing the risks associated with disinfection by products. Increasing complexity of water treatment comes at cost – both capital and operating expenses will come under pressure. Upgrading and retrofitting existing water assets and water infrastructure with sustainable solutions which are more cost-effective will be a key focus.

In line with the UN theme, Infinite Water plays a role by developing integrated recycled water solutions by utilising the HydroxonTM Advanced Oxidation Process. Key features include:

·       An Independently validated disinfection performance

·       High process recovery (>98%)

·       Low energy consumption and operational costs

We look forward to playing our role!

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