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Weighed down with Heavy Metals water contamination?

Arsenic, iron and manganese in your ground water? Nickel and copper in your wastewater? Chromium, cadmium, radionuclides, arsenic and vanadium in your process wash? EPA pressure to improve water quality?

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Metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are naturally occurring or added by human industrial activity It is well known that ‘heavy metals’ in drinking water pose a threat to human health. People are exposed to heavy metals primarily through water consumption (or food ingestion) and risks range from cancers, skin lesions and kidney damage to neurotoxicity.

Metals continue to be a major challenge around the world, from naturally contaminated ground water through to waste discharge from industrials, miners and many other sectors. It is an issue being dealt with in both developed and developing countries.

Guidelines for supplying drinking water and processing wastewater to meet discharge compliance are becoming increasingly more stringent. Whether it is WHO and national guidelines for drinking water or Government, water authority and EPA discharge regulations, there is ever-increasing pressure on water suppliers and processors to improve the quality of their water, their water footprint and environmental sustainability.

Our experienced team designs and delivers innovative water treatment solutions which are particularly cost-effective for treatment and removal of heavy metals and metalloids and safe treatment and disposal of sludge containing highly toxic elements. Depending on the optimal solution, we incorporate HydroxonTM MX, drawing on deep expertise across the core processes of Co-precipitation, Catalytic Oxidation and Catalytic Advanced Oxidation (CAO). The technology relies on specific filtration-CAO processes, in which highly reactive species are produced in-situ via a catalytic process to treat contaminated water.

Key sectors that Infinite Water is focused on for metals contaminant remediation include:

  • Municipal (Urban water Utilities, Regional Councils, remote communities)
  • Manufacturing (Metal Processing, Electro-plating)
  • Heavy Industrial (Mining, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy)
  • Commercial (Construction, Real Estate).

In Bangladesh, our pilot plant is treating shallow aquifer contamination (arsenic, manganese, iron, pathogens) to WHO standards, providing drinking water to remote local villagers. Arsenic has been reduced from 0.2 mg/L to <0.004 mg/L, (WHO standards 0.01 mg/L).

For a copper miner in Australia, optimisation of the wash water generated on the mine site has been treated to stringent ANZEC2000 guidelines before discharge to the environment, removing metals (Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Zn) and Hydrocarbons.

We have successfully demonstrated our solution and technologies to an electronics manufacturing company in China, removing metals from the metal-plating process wastewater. Primary objectives were to meet stringent discharge compliance regulations and increase production capacity through more efficient re-use. The company has recently requested us to progress initial testing to a full proposal.

We have a number of patents related to the treatment of water containing heavy metals and metalloids and the most recent lodged patent is focused on specific removal of arsenic and treatment and safe disposal of sludge containing arsenic.

We can help achieve cost-effective, superior performance with flexible, scalable solutions:

  • Remove heavy metals and metalloids: including iron, lead, arsenic, manganese, chromium, cadmium, copper, nickel, mercury, vanadium, selenium, molybdenum and radionuclides.
  • Disinfection of pathogens (independent validation)
  • Cost-effective (lower energy costs, low operations and maintenance costs)
  • High water efficiency – over 95% of the input water is converted into output water
  • Small footprint – approximately four times lower than conventional plants or alternative plants with advanced treatment
  • Improved human health, environmental benefits and achievement of sustainability goals

To find out more about Infinite Water’s metals removal capabilities, contact Thiago (

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