infinite water

Meeting drinking water standards of municipal source water, China

Guangua, China

Infinite Water designed and installed a 25,000 Litre per day plant to supply a commercial building with drinking water compliant with WHO drinking water standards.

The Client

The client built a new commercial building that serviced up to 500 people. The 8-story commercial building required its existing municipal source water to be treated to drinking water standards to supply the building with clean and safe water.

The background

The municipal piped water feeding into the commercial building did not meet drinking water standards. The client wanted to provide high quality drinking water throughout the commercial building rather than delivering drinking water on a regular basis. The water treatment plant was to be installed at point of entry so all water outlets, including showers, bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks would have high quality water output.

Our Solution

A 25,000 Litre per day containerised system was designed and installed to service the commercial building at point of entry. The municipal piped water was treated to WHO drinking water standards and met the clients needs of supplying the entire commercial building with high quality drinking water.

Benefits at a glance

  • High quality drinking water supplied at point of entry
  • Robust and easy to operate
  • Small plant footprint
  • Low energy consumption of only 0.1kWhr/m3

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