infinite water

Multiplex Construction

Multiplex Construction

Infinite Water designed and installed a plant treating 400,000 litres a day of groundwater from a construction site for safe discharge into the swan river.

The Client

Drawing on over 55 years of experience in building, financing and developing major projects, Multiplex holds a rare position in the global construction and property market.

Multiplex has a proven record of delivering end-to-end property and construction solutions across a broad range of sectors ensuring fully integrated outcomes.

The Challenge

Prior to the construction of the Steve's Hotel in Nedlands, Western Australia, Multiplex turned to Infinite Water to treat and de-water the construction site. The water to be treated was a combination of groundwater and accumulated rain water.

Our Solution

Testing showed that the ground water was high in heavy metals, including iron (> 50 mg/L) and aluminium (> 26 mg/L).

Infinite Water supplied, installed and commissioned a filtration unit for the Multiplex development site.

The filtration unit successfully removed all contaminants in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Under the supervision of the Swan River Trust – a state government agency, Infinite Water discharged the treated water into the nearby Swan river. The total plant capacity was 400,000 litres a day.