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Treatment of industrial wastewater in the printing and packaging industry for discharge compliance and reduced cost

Client: Packaging Manufacturer, Australia & New Zealand

This client manufactures specialty fibre-based packaging products and provides support and graphic design services.

They have operations in multiple plants located across New Zealand and Australia.

They pride themselves on smart and innovative solutions and were looking for a partner to support them in addressing their wastewater challenges.


The Challenge

 Their New Zealand facility produces wastewater containing adhesive, inks and starch-based glues. The wastewater is generated from wash-down of equipment during the laminating process.

The wash-down waste must be treated to consistently meet trade waste disposal compliance requirements.

The customer required a solution which is easily portable to other locations and designed within tight site space restrictions.


Our Solution

Infinite Water designed a containerised (2x20’) 5 KLD integrated water treatment plant and sludge de-watering system.

The system is designed with automatic batch processing, chemical control via a PLC and automated filter press.

Infinite Water’s research team developed and optimised an advanced oxidation process to meet treatment objectives.

Infinite Water is providing an ongoing monthly on-site service.



  • Reduced operational costs by at least 50% Î Reduced chemical consumption by at least 60%
  • Reduced operator intervention
  • Higher resilience to raw water quality fluctuation

The water treatment plant meets trade waste requirements, in particular:

  • removal of high TSS
  • removal of high organics
  • achieving target UVT
  • achieving Absorbence levels

The system produces a compact filter press cake that can be disposed to land fill.

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