infinite water

Infinite Water's 1st Birthday

29th April 2019

We have just completed our first wonderful and eventful year as a business!

Infinite Water was created with the purpose of cleaning the world’s water more efficiently using Hydroxon™. A year into our journey Infinite Water continues to push the boundaries for what is possible within the water treatment sphere.

We’ve achieved so much over our first year. Some notable milestones include building a treatment plant to remove glyphosate in Australia, setting up a pilot plant in Bangladesh to remove arsenic, iron and manganese from groundwater and producing drinking water for a commercial office in China. These three projects highlight how our technology will make a real difference to the diverse critical water issues we face. One of Australia’s top water institutes monitored the efficacy of our technology and how well it achieved disinfection to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. (And doing this without ozone + UV and minimising unhealthy by-products). More about this here.

"We are excited by the potential impact our technology can have across the world. Our first year has filled us with high optimism that we do have a solution which will address water access and water quality for millions of people, particularly those in remote communities. Our vision is also to help governments and industry improve their re-use and recycling of water and better comply with discharge regulations, leading the world to a much better place.“ – Matthew Ng, Chief Executive Officer

Our R&D team has been instrumental in getting us to where we are. Not only are they continually enhancing our Hydroxon™ process, but they continue to explore some of Australia and the world’s biggest environmental water challenges. They have made huge steps already to finding better solutions, and in some cases, achieving breakthroughs in cost-effective arsenic removal and reduction of challenging contaminants such as glyphosate and achieving algal separation more efficiently than traditional methods. For further announcements see our news page.

Following a number of years of technology development, testing and refinement, we have built a team with strong capabilities and years of experience covering the water sector, sales, business development, engineering, management and R&D. The head office team in Sydney support our sales, service and manufacturing partners in China and New Zealand.

Infinite Water looks forward to leading the way in water treatment solutions and solving the world’s water problems. For further information regarding Infinite Water or Hydroxon™ contact us.