infinite water

Infinite Water Response to COVID-19

March 2020

Infinite Water is putting precautionary measures in place to ensure we are playing our part in helping contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), minimise the risk to our employees, and ensure we continue to deliver high quality water treatment solutions to our clients. 

Recognising how fast changes are occurring, we are continually monitoring WHO, Australian, other international and State authorities to ensure our measures comply with the best possible advice.   

We have adopted a three-stage approach - Prevention, Support and Continuity. 


We will continue taking actions to prevent our employees from being exposed to COVID-19 and to prevent, where possible, further spread of the virus:- 

  • We have stopped all international travel until further notice. 
  • Domestic travel will be limited to business-critical only.  
  • Wherever appropriate, we encourage the use of video conferencing for external meetings and have invested adequate resources to ensure business carries on.  
  • Hand sanitiser is available for all visitors and employees in the office. 
  • All staff have been provided with officially sanctioned information regarding how to avoid infection, including frequent handwashing, not touching their eyes, noses and mouths with unwashed hands and practicing sensible social spacing.  
  • Internal cleaning and housekeeping processes have been intensified to reduce the risk of infection within our offices, including frequent cleaning of all commonly used surfaces with disinfectants. 
  • We continue to prepare for contingency in case of the need for staff working remotely at home, by ensuring employees have access to the necessary IT set-up and help. 


COVID-19 is here in our community.  We fully recognise there is a risk of our staff being exposed to the virus, while carrying on their daily lives.  We have asked our staff to exercise caution and common sense during this time of crisis. Should any of our employees feel sick or concerned they may be exposed to the virus, we have requested they notify their direct manager and CEO immediately, seek medical advice and self-isolate by working from home. 

To support any staff and employees requiring self-quarantine, medical support and treatment, IW will provide an extra 30 days special leave, in addition to the standard annual and personal leave. This is to ensure our employees’ income will not be impacted even if one of us is infected. 

The company is very fortunate to be in a very strong financial position and will provide whatever support it can to its staff and their families. 


While we have not experienced any significant disruptions to date, we recognise that COVID-19 is likely to impact business. 

We have reviewed our business continuity plans to cater for impact on our staff due to: 

  • Increased levels of absenteeism though illness; 
  • The need to self-isolate; or  
  • The need to care for others (e.g. elderly, or dependents in the event of school closures).  

These plans include identifying alternative work hours arrangements, commute routes and times, should the need arise. 

We are also continually reviewing delivery to clients on a project by project basis and reviewing our key supplier arrangements to avoid disruption.  

We appreciate that the situation is developing rapidly and consequently will keep our plans under constant review. More importantly we as a Company have adopted a mindset of ‘not-panic-but-be-vigilant’, be responsible but not hysterical and we will continue to deliver excellent solutions and services to all clients, partners and the general community. 

We are very confident that by working together, the global community will succeed - humanity will prevail. 

We wish all our clients, partners, business associates well during this crisis and will do our very best to work together with you. 

Matthew Ng 

CEO, Infinite Water