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Challenges with COW Water?

Do you have a COW Water problem? Can you cost-effectively get rid of, or recycle, your COW wastewater and improve the environment at the same time?

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In the dairy industry, Condensate of Whey (COW Water) is contaminated wastewater generated from the evaporation of dairy products as part of the dairy manufacturing process. COW Water typically contains low strength organics and strong milk odour and it has been common practice to simply discharge COW Water pollutants into the environment. However, increasing pressure is being felt:

  • Permits for direct discharge are not being easily extended,
  • Nearby residents are increasingly complaining about the unpleasant smell, and
  • Importantly, material volumes of clean water are purchased and used for milk production every day, drawing down on already scarce water sources and depleting aquifers.

HydroxonTM CX is an innovative water treatment technology developed by Infinite Water, relying on specific filtration-catalytic advanced oxidation (CAO) processes, in which highly reactive species are produced in-situ via a catalytic process to treat COW Water and produce reliable treated water. HydroxonTM CX can help achieve superior, cost-effective performance and outcomes:

  • Improve discharge compliance: degrade organic matter (50-90% TOC reduction), remove unpleasant odours, taste and colour, and disinfect (destroy pathogens),
  • Better yield through recycling,
  • Improve water footprint (and sustainability goals) through reduced demand for potable water, and
  • Improve asset utilisation and reduce operational costs.

Our technology is very effective on a vast range of contaminants and water quality issues, including heavy metals and metalloids, refractory chemicals, chlorinated organic compounds, organic halides (AOX), BOD, COD, TOC, odour and colour.

To find out more about Infinite Water’s dairy capabilities, book a time with Thiago (

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