Many countries around the world have municipal piped water that does not comply with safe drinking water standards.

Infinite Water’s Commercial Hydroxon™ systems

are designed to:


1. Treat ground water (from aquifers) for the supply of drinking water
2. Treat surface water (from lakes, rivers, catchments) for the supply of drinking water
3. Treat municipal piped water (town water) for the supply of drinking water
4. Pre-treat water for desalination applications


The installation of water treatment systems in hotels, resorts, schools, office buildings and restaurants is becoming increasingly popular because tap water often does not meet safe drinking water standards.

Infinite Water’s Hydroxon systems can treat many sources of water (including municipal piped water, surface or ground water) to economically supply businesses, schools or hospitals with safe, clean water.

Existing solutions to date have been largely ineffective, expensive to operate, or too large and require much infrastructure, power and chemical input.

Infinite Water can custom engineer and design systems to suit the required capacity and raw water source.

For the supply of drinking water, Infinite Water’s Commercial systems:

  • Disinfect water by killing and completely inactivating waterborne pathogens: including bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
  • Remove particles: including rust, scale, algae, cysts and fungi
  • Degrade chemicals into non-toxic elements: including household chemicals, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals
  • Remove bad taste and odour
  • Remove heavy metals: including lead, arsenic, manganese and iron
  • Keep essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water for optimal health
  • Low maintenance – replacement of cartridge every 5 years
  • High water efficiency –  95% of input water is converted into drinking water
  • Small foot print – approximately 4 times smaller than conventional plants or alternative plants with advanced treatment

Areas of application

Suitable areas of application for commercial systems include:

Housing developments and Apartment complexes

Commercial buildings

Schools and hospitals

Hotels and resorts


Temporary accommodation facilities

Emergency and disaster relief