Our objective is to provide the world with a comprehensive water treatment solution that is robust, efficient, sustainable and cost effective.


Infinite Water is a water treatment solutions company that is passionate about water.  We are dedicated to providing industry and people alike with economical, clean and safe water solutions.


We recognise the importance of sustainable solutions. It is imperative that water treatment technology is not only effective but also economical.  Infinite Water exceeds expectations on both fronts.


Our Research & Development team continues to be at the forefront of water treatment technology.  We understand the industry and have a clear technology roadmap ahead.


Water is a pre-requisite for all human and economic development. With current demand exceeding supply,  water is becoming an economic resource. Infinite Water’s unique technology is capturing the valuable water treatment market.


We believe safe water is a right not a privilege.  With 1 in 9 people around the world lacking access to safe water, Infinite Water is working with charities to supply under privileged communities with effective and sustainable water treatment solutions.


Through the teams diversity and depth of experience in all aspects of the business including scientific, technical, strategic and operational, Infinite Water delivers comprehensive, high-value solutions to its customers.