Case Study 3. Industrial wastewater for safe disposal, Townsville

Case Study 3. Industrial wastewater for safe disposal, Townsville

Location: Xstrata Copper, Townsville, Australia

>  Scope of the project was to treat raw water from the wash down of industrial equipment that was collected in a number of pits.

>  The treated water was required to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011, before it was safely discharged into the ocean.

>  The raw water had high turbidity and contained high levels of heavy metals including lead, aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel and zinc.

>  The raw water also had a very high pH10.9  level making it difficult to remove the heavy metals through conventional processes. Conventional water treatment processes raise pH to 11 or higher to precipitate and co-precipitate heavy metals.

>  Results demonstrated exceptional process capability for water clarification and removal of all listed heavy metals.

>  Full compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 was achieved as per clients request and the water was able to be safely discharged into the ocean cost effectively.

>  Analyses was performed by accredited laboratory ChemCentre, NATA, Bentley, Western Australia.