Case Study 4. Highly contaminated surface water, India

Case Study 4. Highly contaminated surface water, India

Location: Moraba River, India

>  Supplied, installed and commissioned a water treatment unit to be used in Tamnath Village to supply drinking water for the community.

>  The scope of the project was to clarify and disinfect the water to World Health Organisation Drinking Water Standards.

>  The raw water from the local Moraba River.

>  Pathogen contamination of the water was based on the measurement of coliforms within the water (coliforms included a broad range of bacteria including E.Coli).

>  The air temperature in the region was over 40 degrees celsius, which increases the number of pathogens and contaminants in the water.

>  Locals confirmed that gastrointestinal disorders, cholera and jaundice and other born diseases are common in the area.

>  The Hydroxon system successfully disinfected and clarified the highly contaminated raw water to meet all WHO drinking water standards

>  Water samples were verified and analysed by Ashalini Enterprise accredited laboratory.